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Pocket Tube™️

Pocket Tube™️

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Imagine being able to experience sound in a way you've never felt before.

With our revolutionary speaker system, you'll be transported to a new realm of emotional depth and intensity. Using the power of vibration, our speakers are able to produce sound that resonates through any surface, from glass to wood to metal and beyond. 

  • Free shipping available
  • USB-C charger inclued
  • 6h of battery life

Instantly Turn Any Ordinary Object Into A Speaker!

The Pocket Tube™️ is the worlds smallest and most versatile sound transmitter that allows you to have a spectacular sound experience anytime, anywhere you choose. Place it on any surface and listen as your favorite sound floods the room!

It's Portable & Powerful

The Pocket Tube™️ might be as small as a quarter but it delivers a powerful sound profile. It's 10x louder than an iPhone speaker and produces a breathtaking stereo sound and deep bass with its internal speakers.

Craft Your Own Unique Audio Experience

The best thing about The Pocket Tube™️ is that it produces a different sound for each surface. On wood it makes a thick, natural sound, while glass creates a clear, resonant audioscape. Paper will sound like a vintage vinyl record. The options are endless! Simply turn it on, connect to bluetooth, and get ready for an out of this world sound experience.

Connect Two Pocket Vibes For A Surround Sound Experience!

The Pocket Tube™️ has the ability to connect to two pocket vibes at one time to create a surround sound experience that is louder and better. The music can still be controlled from one device!

Featured On Unbox Therapy


How long is the battery life?

The Pocket Vibe™️ has a 6 hour battery life, & it only takes an hour to fully charge!

My sticky thing stopped sticking is there a way to fix this?

The sticky pads are actually reusable. Just wipe it down with a we finger or damp cloth and it will stick good as new.

What Devices Does This Work On?

You can use it with any device that has bluetooth capabilities!

Is It Waterproof?

The Pocket Vibe™️ is water resistant but can not be fully submerged in water. Even though it is water resistant we still do not recommend getting it wet so do so at your own risk!

What Surfaces Does It Work On?

The Pocket Vibe™️ works best on hollow surfaces! But each surface will emit a unique sound. Solid surfaces will sometimes amplify but it depends on the material.

Is It Rechargeable?

Yes! The Pocket Vibe™️ comes with a usb charging cable and only takes about an hour to fully charge!

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